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cashmere is the most soft, luxurious woolen fiber coming from cashmere goats living in the high mountains of Central Asia. Not more than 100 grams per goat are being collected once a year when the goats naturally shed their fine haired winter coat. The fabric from these precious fibers offers incomparable wearing comfort due to its soft touch and lightweight yet very warming character.


About us


Hebei Grand Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Which a manufacture and exporter for cashmere, wool, silk cashmere made of cashmere shawls, scarves, sweater, pants, bathrobe, blankets/throws, gloves, hats and other cashmere products.


We start in cashmere business from 1998. supply real high quality cashmere items with cashmere raw material from golden Cashmere fiber area. Our factory dehair pure cashmere raw all the year round and choose fine quality pure cashmere raw for our order production, also always keep pure cashmere yarn for order use and export pure cashmere yarn in different yarn count: 200S / 2,68S / 3,60S / 2,60S / 1,26S / 2,16S / 1 ETC.

We have advanced equipment and skilled workers for high end cashmere products. You can choose our ready new styles or send your own styles for making samples and preparing production.


We normally keep cashmere raw material and cashmere yarn in our head factory, and when client place order, or need to develop cashmere styles, then we will make cashmere products accordingly.


Our products:


1) cashmere wool woven accessories: scarf, shawl cape, solid, check, reversible, gradation, printed, jacquard, lace trimming in different size/content according to customer requirement.


2) cashmere, wool knitted accessories: Scarf, shawl, gloves. Mittens, hat, socks, slippers, leg warmer, neck warmer


3) for home: Cashmere, wool knitted and woven blanket, throws, cushion cover, quilt, slippers, socks, slipper, robe, travel set etc.


4) cashmere wool knitted sweaters, pants, robe. Slipper, socks,


5) pashmina shawl made of cashmere, wool, silk cashmere, natural bamboo fiber, ramie, linen yarn, etc...


For the cashmere items we are making, welcome you visit our website: www.grandcashmere.com


Welcome visit our company, and hope cooperate with you.


Hebei Grand Cashmere Co., Ltd

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